Examples of sustainable energy supply and energy efficiency measures as a contribution to CO2 reduction by Elena Ciobanu

                       The limitation of carbon dioxide, as main cause of the greenhouse effect, will be a enormous global challenge for the future. Only close colaboration between the european countries can achieve that goal. The project, mentioned above,deals with reducing the long run energy consumption in which will eventually reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in europe and the whole world as well. That is why we should focus on making consumption limits in our schoolhouse and afterwards show it to all of those who will be participating in the project and to their surroundings also.

                    The main reason of doing that is to change the way of thinking and the attitude towards the growth of CO2 emissions, resulting in the increase of the greenhouse effect. This project is going to involve students of dual training system which have vocational qualifications dealing with energy installations. At the very beginning of the project the participants need to determine the amount of energy that is consumed in their own school. Also the students should find out how the energy in their school could be saved and design a poster that will be placed in every schoolroom to signify the importance of the energy reduction.
In this project the students will focus theirs attention on the technology, the development and the functioning of renewable energy sources, and possibilities of saving energy by improving their schoolhouse insulation.
Afterwards, with support of local companies, the participants should work out concrete plans of implementation and application of renewable sources of energy in their own school. Such a plan should be presented to the school authority and to the city department of education during a press conference.